Friday, December 25, 2009

Help! hair color, bleach, toner question?

My hair has been bleached. Last month I did my roots with a high lift neutral blond dye, The roots came out to orange so I put a toner (wella) all over and it was fine.but it came out a little darker than I like. Well that all washed out. This time I did my roots again and again they came orange. The girl at Sallys gave me a different toner ( clariol ) towhead was the color. It didn't do much of anything to the roots but the rest of the hair is much lighter. Can I put a toner over it again 3 days later? With toners you are using 20 vol peroxide. Its got to damage your hair. Is there something I can use when doing my roots to make them lighter? I used 30 drops of unred when I dyed it. I was wondering what born blonde was. I need something liquid I can do myself. my roots are a very dark brown. a double process everytime is going to destroy my hair.Help! hair color, bleach, toner question?
i would just leave it for a while or you know the clairol 10 stuff that is supposed to cover up grey use that but ask a person at the store about what to get.




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perhaps a grocery storeHelp! hair color, bleach, toner question?
Born Blonde only covers up what the mistake was in the first place. When doing your roots you need a high volume peroxide 50 if you can get a hold of it. After doing your roots, place foil over your head, and put a hair dryer on it to heat it up. This will make it lift much faster.

For your at the moment delima you can put a toner in it again, but let your hair be dry so it lifts your hair a little more at the roots.

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